The whole notion of childcare has been turned on its head, with millions of parents doing double-duty and balancing side hustles to make ends meet.

Our homes and our children need professionals who understand what is expected of them and are commited. We believe that parents need peace of mind while at work and at their leisure, to work and enjoy themselves without orry.

On the other hand many child care givers are also struggling to get employers to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.Remember that this individual is not an ‘unwelcome burden’ but rather someone with whom you will be assisting each other to meet your individual and combined goals. A Mum who is quarrelsome, mean and abusive, more often than not, can expect similar treatment to be meted out on their child.

To bridge that gap Sashley Nanny and Caregiver Agency is here to help you sort through candidates and find a vetted, experienced babysitters, caregivers and domest managers.

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