CEO and Founder

Ziporah Ogetange, MBA (Finance), CPA, Quality Management Systems Auditor (QMS)

Professional Accountant with a passion for Compliance and Risk Management. She has seven years’ experience working in the corporate world both in the private and public sector. She is also a trained teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Education from Nairobi University. She worked for a local bank and a state Corporation within the financial regulation sector.

She is a social entrepreneur who has a desire to create change and disrupt the domestic care sector and a passion to empower African women and girls economically through offering financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills training through the Jimudu Afri Foundation.

The idea of setting up the agency came as a result of the struggle she went through to raise her children as a working mother. Juggling work and motherhood proved hard especially because of the high rate of turnover. Employing a professional nanny gives the parent peace of mind and enhances growth of the child due to better care. At the agency we enhance the skills of homecare workers to afford them better pay and terms of service. We also advocate for decent work, in which gainful employment is promoted simultaneously with fundamental rights at work, adequate income from work, representation and social protection.

According to the Global index report Women in the developing nations, such as Kenya, have a 20% less likelihood of owning a bank account in a formal financial institution.17% less likely to formally borrow money, deficiency in their financial literacy is one of the causes. Lack of financial illiteracy among women remains a major hindrance to their economic empowerment. It makes it hard for women to navigate and use financial services, and leads to inappropriate financial decisions and it exposes women to added risk by borrowing from informal sources, saving too little, and failing to access appropriate financial services.

We recognize that Homecare workers are among the most vulnerable groups of workers. In Kenya like many African countries the role of nannies and domestic workers is preserved for women from poor background who lack formal education. This places them at a disadvantage as they are mistreated and given low wages. Our programs target vulnerable and marginalized girls and women for inclusive development, skills enhancement, good health and sustainable livelihoods. Jimudu Afri Foundation is an integrated Financial literacy and Entrepreneurial skills support initiative for domestic workers. It is a women-focused program which aims at improving the long term livelihoods of women, their families and the community. Provide basic financial literacy training in goal-setting, planning, budgeting skills and saving habits that will serve as foundational knowledge for future income generation activities and/or saving for higher education.

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