Who is a Travel Companion?

A Travel Companion is an individual that provides an extra hand when you need it most. For many people of all ages, travelling may seem tiresome, lonely or impossible, but not anymore. Whether you or someone you care about requires company or just doesn’t like traveling alone, our travel companions for hire make traveling anywhere you want to go a reality again! Had you planned a family vacation yet something came up and you don’t want to let your last minute cancellations hinder your loved ones from travelling? Then we have a solution for you.

Contact us on +254716855123 to find out how traveling with iCARE can help you overcome your travel challenges.

We love helping ease the burden of travel in every way we can. Discover how iCAREcan make travel easier and enjoyable

Travel Companions

Overcoming travel challenges is what we do. iCARE Travel Companions ensures travelers get where they need to go with safety and comfort.

Accompanied Minors

Whether you’re worried about your unaccompanied minor traveling alone or need an extra hand with the kids, iCARE Travel Buddies have your back.

Ensuring your child arrives safe and secure when traveling is important to you, and it’s important to us as well. Travelling can cause anxiety for a child but with iCARE Travel Companion, there’s nothing to fear. We’ll make sure your child gets where they need to go safe and sound and ensure that it’s a positive experience for everyone.

Traveling with children isn’t easy but sometimes all you need is an extra helping hand to make the process smooth and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you are a single parent who could benefit from the help or simply want to enjoy some adult time on your trip, iCARE Companion is ready to put you and your children at ease

Children Flying Alone | Get Unaccompanied Minors an Airband™ on any Flight


Accompanied Adults & Seniors

At iCARE, we take pride in making traveling a reality for people from all walks of life who find traveling difficult or inaccessible. It’s our job to ensure that every traveler has a safe and stress-free experience, giving you or your loved ones security and peace of mind. iCARE Travel Companions put the comfort of our travelers first and provide a helping hand however and whenever one is needed.

Don’t let the challenges of travel prevent you from seeing the world! Go places and do things you never thought possible. Experience the freedom to travel anywhere you want with the helping hand of iCARE Travel Companion.

When it’s time to move in with relatives or an assisted living facility, iCARE can help make the transition easier by providing the necessary travel assistance. Rest easy knowing that a compassionate Travel Companion has your back.


Contact us on +254716855123 to find out how traveling with iCARE can help you overcome your travel challenges.

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